Managed IT Service That Grows Your Business

ArchonOne is NYC’s most-highly specialized managed IT services provider. We focus on technology solutions that grow your business with measurable KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) in three core disciplines: (1) Support, (2) Security, and (3) Sales Intelligence.

Watch our President and CEO explain how ArchonOne can help you grow your business in this short video

We’re an IT company focused on growing your business

You’re already familiar with managed IT services, otherwise you wouldn’t be on our website. ArchonOne knows that your business is growing and we know how to help. Our strategy supports your business today and future-proofs it for tomorrow by providing 24x7x365 IT support, enterprise security for all apps and users, and sales intelligence.

Don’t just solve today’s IT problems. Work with ArchonOne and put systems in place that account for your growth objectives.

Maybe you’re the Head of IT, or the COO or CTO, and you’re looking for an IT team capable of bringing your vision to life. Maybe you currently have no dedicated IT support at all. Or maybe you’re currently working with an MSP already. In all of these cases, ArchonOne wants to learn more about your business to see if we can help.

The time to get started is now

IT Support That Grows Your Business

ArchonOne approaches IT Support with the understanding that you’re not just trying to maintain the status-quo, but you’re trying to grow. Our support philosophy is to put systems in place that account for your growth strategy: new hires, configuring new equipment; automating tasks to speed up your processes, reduce human error, and save your company money.  In short, we aim to make your business run more efficiently.

Benefits and Features:

  1. 24x7x365 Support
  2. 20-minute initial-response time
  3. Consistently Excellent Client Feedback: 95% Awesome, 5% Average, 0% Negative (January 2021-to-Date)
  4. Full IT Department on-demand, including production system monitoring and responses

Already have an IT team? Great. Starting with no IT team? That’s fine too. ArchonOne excels in all of these scenarios. All supported staff have direct access to an escalation manager and the President and CEO, 24×7 via a dedicated escalation line. We bring industry best practices and customize knowledgebase workflows to make sure your business is supported from day 1 and as you grow.

Sales Intelligence That Grows Your Business

Your prospects are actively looking at your website – do you know who they are?  More importantly, do you know what content they are engaging with on your site?  Do you have a full “life of the lead” picture for each prospect to understand the entire relationship from stranger to cash, and importantly, what that pattern looks like at scale?

Our Sales Intelligence tool focuses on delivering you the information you need about the visitors on your website so you can:

  1. Calculate the ROI for converting website visitors into revenue
  2. Nurture the prospects who have one-click-only engagement on your website
  3. Create and manage a sales pipeline with revenue forecasts
  4. Create and refine new content for prospects based on calculated metrics, like: time spent reading, number of reads, and engagement
  5. Learn which companies are visiting your website and follow up with them!

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level utilizing technology? Contact us right now and let’s schedule a free demo and show you how ArchonOne will do it. We do it now for our happy clients. Why not your business too?

IT Security That Grows Your Business

Are you confident that every workstation, every endpoint that touches your company data is secured?  When was the last time you successfully restored files from backups?  Can you afford to wait a few days to have major issues fixed?  Are you able to land that big contract if you can’t demonstrate world-class security protecting your business and your clients’ information?

We take security to the next level, so you can focus on taking your business to the next level:

  1. External threat protection – antivirus, anti malware, firewalls, server and workstation protection
  2. Internal security – Cybersecurity training and on-demand, 24x7x365 security response team
  3. Best Practices – Multi-Factor authentication, password management, single sign-on

The Solutions

Fully Managed IT services

Email Services

Network & Data Security

Hosting Services

VoIP Services

Systems Architecture

Don't take your IT security for granted. Contact ArchonOne today and schedule a free demo

We take the time to understand your 1, 3 and 5 year vision and recommend, design and implement best-in-class technology to help your organization achieve or exceed your goals. ArchonOne’s HQ is located in the heart of New York City, directly above Central Grand Station on the 17th floor. If you’re local: stop by!   We’d love to see you.  If not: let’s connect on a quick 3-5 minute video-chat to get to know each other and to give us a brief view into your goals.  We might even be able to provide some on-the-spot advice!

Below, our CEO recalls a memorable success story:

“A Series-A funded organization  recently approached us with a really interesting new solution they were developing, and they needed help scaling the business, fast.  They were slated to potentially receive another round of funding, but everything needed to work right in the following year.  We built a plan together with them, including our world-class 24×7 support and standard security rollout, and our senior network engineers were designing their new office space, and then … the pandemic hit.  Overnight, 100% of their staff worked remote.  We immediately pivoted several technologies to enable end users to work remote securely with reliable connectivity, and we even helped build a 40 person call center from scratch so they could service their new end users.  Starting around October 2019, they had about 35 staff members.  As of February 2021, we’re happy to report they are now exceeding 210, and still growing to this day.  We’re quite humbled to be a part of the exciting growth and enjoy every day we work with them!  .”