IT Support, Cybersecurity and Compliance for NYC's Highest Performing Law Firms

ArchonOne is NYC’s most highly specialized managed IT services provider specifically focused on law firms.

We are experts in Cybersecurity, IT Compliance and Microsoft Azure.


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Our Unique Legal Industry Specific Approach

Your clients demand a lot from your law firm.  ArchonOne approaches IT Support, CyberSecurity and Compliance with the understanding that your clients need your firm to operate with modern security controls, and evidence-based Compliance responses.  We also recognize that each lawyer and staff member in the firm can be under considerable pressure throughout the year, so we provide KPI-bound, tightly proceduralized IT Support to keep your firm moving like a well-oiled machine.

Our Core Offering:

  1. IT Support (20 Minute Response, 24x7x365)
  2. Cybersecurity and Compliance Management (CIS v8 Control Based)
  3. Cloud Builds and Management (Microsoft Azure and others)

We augment existing in-house IT staff and also provide direct 24×7 Fully Managed support to our all end users if you don’t have a full time head of IT.  We are a Microsoft Partner and can escalate cases with Microsoft Premier Support to solve even the most difficult problems in your environment.  We manage backups, provide antivirus, patching and all other services from a typical managed service provider, with one big difference – we’re purpose built to service New York City’s highest performing law firms.

Compliance and IT Security That Grows Your Business

Your newest prospects, and some of your largest current clients, require the highest levels of Cybersecurity controls within your business if they are going to work with you.  ArchonOne will help you achieve a compliance position that will enable you to expand your existing business, and take on newer clients with the highest Cybersecurity standards for their vendors (you!).

Are you confident that every workstation, every endpoint that touches your company data is secured?  When was the last time you successfully restored files from backups?  Can you afford to wait a few days to have major issues fixed?  Are you able to land that big contract if you can’t demonstrate world-class security protecting your business and your clients’ information?

We take security to the next level, so you can focus on taking your business to the next level:

  1. External threat protection – antivirus, anti malware, firewalls, server and workstation protection, including External Penetration Testing
  2. Internal security – Cybersecurity training and on-demand, 24x7x365 security response team
  3. Cybersecurity Compliance – Multi-Factor authentication, password management, single sign-on for your clients and your Cybersecurity Insurance

Don’t take your IT security for granted. Contact ArchonOne today and schedule a free demo!

The Solutions

Augmented and Fully Managed IT Services

Compliance Management

Network & Data Security

Hosting Services

VoIP Services

Systems Architecture

Don't take your IT security for granted. Contact ArchonOne today and schedule a free demo

We take the time to understand your 1, 3 and 5 year vision and recommend, design and implement best-in-class technology to help your organization achieve or exceed your goals. ArchonOne’s HQ is located in the heart of New York City.  If you’re local: stop by!   We’d love to see you.  If not: let’s connect on a quick 3-5 minute video-chat to get to know each other and to give us a brief view into your goals.  We might even be able to provide some on-the-spot advice!

Below, our CEO recalls a memorable success story:

“A Series-A funded organization  recently approached us with a really interesting new solution they were developing, and they needed help scaling the business, fast.  They were slated to potentially receive another round of funding, but everything needed to work right in the following year.  We built a plan together with them, including our world-class 24×7 support and standard security rollout, and our senior network engineers were designing their new office space, and then … the pandemic hit.  Overnight, 100% of their staff worked remote.  We immediately pivoted several technologies to enable end users to work remote securely with reliable connectivity, and we even helped build a 40 person call center from scratch so they could service their new end users.  Starting around October 2019, they had about 35 staff members.  As of February 2021, we’re happy to report they are now exceeding 210, and still growing to this day.  We’re quite humbled to be a part of the exciting growth and enjoy every day we work with them! ”