Our Work

Relationship Started: 2012

The Opportunity: New CEO leadership joined and was faced with multiple legacy IT systems and processes which did not align to the future vision of the business.

Solutions Provided: In 2012, deployed new cloud based ERP infrastructure.  In 2014, assisted outgoing CEO and senior leadership transitioning all internal IT to new CEO.   In 2015, migrated legacy DataPax ERP system to new GlobalBake cloud-based system and hosted Exchange for e-mail.  In 2017, the brand launched its national wholesale business at retail purveyors across the country. During COVID, the company witnessed a 500 percent increase in nationwide shipping and a 400 percent rise in its global wholesale business. Additionally, with more consumers turning to off-premises, combined with the portability of bagels, H&H’s delivery mix has risen to roughly 60 percent.

Relationship Started: 2019

The Opportunity: In 2019, Capital-RX received approximately $19mm in Series A funding and set out determined to fundamentally change the way prescriptions are priced.  Cap-RX needed an outside IT firm to help them grow to the next level.

The Solution: ArchonOne helped grow headcount from approximately 40 employees to over 300 in the span of two years following a successful additional $50mm Series B funding round.  ArchonOne provided all new employee onboarding, IT support, IT security and C-Suite advisory before handing off day to day IT operations to a newly grown internal IT team in mid-2021.

Relationship Started: 2016

The Opportunity: In early 2016, Marchesa recognized that several of their existing IT services were positioned sub-optimally for growth.  ArchonOne began the start of a 5+ year relationship to help the organization grow in staff count and revenue.

The Solution: ArchonOne helped Marchesa physically move twice, for a total of 3 office build-outs.  Migrated from older Rackspace mail to an interim Hosted Exchange platform, and then to Microsoft Office 365.  Run a full 24×7 Helpdesk with IT Security Services and C-Suite Advisory to enable growth.

Relationship Started: 2018 

The Opportunity: VoloSports’ leadership needed an IT firm to partner with to stabilize uptime for  hundreds of hosted websites and domain names, powered by a combination of SaaS platforms, including a new software platform developed custom in-house. 

The Solution: ArchonOne helped improve to 99.98% uptime for 13 SaaS instances running across 350+ custom domain names.