<strong>Why Operational Technology Security Should Not Be Ignored</strong>

Gartner warns that cybercriminals will gain enough control over operational technology infrastructure by 2025 which can in turn cause human casualties. Operational technology is responsible for upholding processes that if threatened could greatly affect critical services. While several industries use operational technology (OT), it’s quite vulnerable to cyber threats. There are future steps to improve […]

<strong>Compliance Deadline Extended to June 2023 for FTC Safeguards Rule </strong>

Has your law firm been focusing on following the revised Safeguards Rule by the upcoming deadline? Well, you’re in luck! Due to multiple reports of worker shortages and supply chain problems, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has officially lengthened the compliance deadline by a full six months for certain provisions of the updated Safeguards Rule. […]

The Need for Modern Cloud Security Solutions Is Rising

As more industries migrate from an on-premise IT infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure, the demand for cloud security solutions will continue to rise.  Unfortunately, the increasing demand for cloud solutions can cause law firms with cloud infrastructures to get more attention from cyber attackers looking to gain access to confidential data. In today’s climate, law […]

<strong>Why is Adopting a Cybersecurity Architecture Essential for Law Firms?</strong>

Is your law firm rethinking the security of its computer network? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Without solid security protocols, a firm is left vulnerable to potential threats. Cybersecurity threats and breaches come in various forms and continuously evolve. Therefore, it’s essential for law firms to familiarize themselves with CIS best practices and […]

<strong>Why is Identity and Access Management Important for Law Firms?</strong>

Law firms are challenged with the grave responsibility of securing confidential data for their clients, attorneys, and paralegals. Law firms must provide the highest level of security to ensure their client and employee data is maintained and protected. While most law firms understand the severity of enforcing security protocols, they’re often left wondering where to […]

Why is Cybersecurity Insurance Important for Law Firms?

It’s common knowledge that law firms acquire a wide variety of sensitive data as it pertains to clients, prospective clients, and employees. That being said, clients expect the firm they work with to have robust cybersecurity protocols in place. Not only does a data breach have the ability to negatively impact a firm’s business reputation, […]

How Can Cybersecurity Increase Your Firm’s Revenue

Are prospects asking your firm to meet a list of cybersecurity requirements before taking the next step in building a relationship or completing a transaction? Try not to take it personally. Law firms and businesses of all shapes and sizes are now being asked by prospects and clients alike to have their security posture evaluated.  […]

4 Key Benefits Of Adopting A Data Governance Program

Have you ever been put on hold by a customer service agent after giving them personal information, only to then be transferred to another agent who asks the same exact questions? This is a prime example of poorly managed data. While this can be very frustrating for the customer, it’s also an inefficient way to […]