5 Benefits of SharePoint Online For Law Firms

It’s no surprise that law firms collect quite a few documents on a daily basis. From emails, contracts, briefs, and invoices, to letters and pleadings; the number of documents collected can be overwhelming. Regardless of whether those documents are saved digitally to a work computer or printed out and filed away under lock and key […]

Why is Cybersecurity Insurance Important for Law Firms?

It’s common knowledge that law firms acquire a wide variety of sensitive data as it pertains to clients, prospective clients, and employees. That being said, clients expect the firm they work with to have robust cybersecurity protocols in place. Not only does a data breach have the ability to negatively impact a firm’s business reputation, […]

How Can Cybersecurity Increase Your Firm’s Revenue

Are prospects asking your firm to meet a list of cybersecurity requirements before taking the next step in building a relationship or completing a transaction? Try not to take it personally. Law firms and businesses of all shapes and sizes are now being asked by prospects and clients alike to have their security posture evaluated.  […]

4 Key Benefits Of Adopting A Data Governance Program

Have you ever been put on hold by a customer service agent after giving them personal information, only to then be transferred to another agent who asks the same exact questions? This is a prime example of poorly managed data. While this can be very frustrating for the customer, it’s also an inefficient way to […]