Executive Summary

The world is calling you right now to change. It won’t ask, but it demands evolution in it’s silence. Your clients, staff and peers are all calling you to make change. What’s the right path to take?

Reevaluate Your Sales Model

Now, more than ever, your approach to sales will define your future succcess. Unless you’re in a very select few, what used to work no longer does. Your KPI’s are no longer fully meaningful. You now need to re-evaluate your marketing and sales model to make sure that every lead you’re getting right now is fully tracked from first contact through to maturity, and that your prospects understand what makes you truely different. Carefully consider how you can collect information and how you nurture those leads from inception to closure. Leverage network connected tools to move along your prospects to fully nurtured clients.

What tools can you use for this?

Collect Information: Typeform https://mailchimp.com/integrations/typeform/
Mailing: MailChimp https://www.pipedrive.com/en/features/mailchimp-crm
Pipeline Tracking: PipeDrive
Scheduling Appointments: Calendly https://calendly.com/
Quoting and Contract Signatures: EchoSign

Re-Architect Your Leadership

The definition of effective leadership is getting your staff to achieve your goals because they want to do it. Today’s quarrantine world is forcing individual staff to perform on thier own and they are looking for you to lead them through this. Left alone, many staff will not be able to perform; not because they don’t want to, but because they lack the leadership and guidance to succeed. In addition, team coordination is not where it was when everyone was in the office together. So, how do you overcome this challenge? The answer is surprisingly simple; set standards, expectations and keep lines of communication open. Make sure that your team has the ability to communicate with you and that they are kept up to date with new changes and understand new methods of work as you define them.

How do you do this?

Scheduling appointments to make sure your time is yours: Calendly https://calendly.com/
Open face to face video Conference: Zoom https://www.zoom.us/
Document your company’s standards and methods of work: https://www.myglue.com/

Over-service Your Clients with Less Spend

Your clients are looking to you for help them in new and unusual ways – the organizations that survive this, and those that actually thrive, will be chosen based on the way leadership provides customer service today. It may be difficult, but look for ways to drive efficiency out of the existing organization. Look closely at what services you are consuming and determine if the service levels are appropriate for the business function at hand. As or more importantly, though, look at how you’re servicing your clients. Are you making sure that you’re answering all of thier requests? when a new client reaches out to you, how long do they wait until they’re serviced? Once they’re serviced, how are you gauging thier feedback? And, as importantly, how are you measuring all of this? Remember, the more you measure, the slower what you’re measuring performs, so look for automation here.

What tools can you use for this?

Customer Service: FreshDesk
Telephony: RingCentral
E-Mail: Microsoft Office 365

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